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Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Quick Story About Joyce

We had a halloween party one year in Waltz in the old office or the family room (I think that's what we called it). I don't remember exactly who the party was for or who was invited, I think it was for Heidi's class or something like that, I'm not quite sure. I must have been seven or eight. I think I was Johnny Appleseed that year. Oh how I longed for one of those store bought costumes, but instead we had to get creative. If memory serves me correctly, Johnny Appleseed followed Pastor Bug from the year before. Apparently, for all of my first Halloweens I was seen as some sort of Halloevangelist, stealing your candy & spreading the gospel at the same time, but I digress.

Anyways, what I do remember about that party was that I invited a friend of mine that didn't know many people at the party, if anybody other than me & my family. I remember not spending too much time with him, which must've been awful considering he didn't know anybody & that everybody else at the party was much older than him. Eventually, I realized that he was no longer amongst the party, so I searched through the house to find out where he was. I found him up in my room, playing with some of my toys. Joyce was in the room with him, playing right along.

That's Joyce in a nutshell. She's always looking out, making sure no one is alone, & making sure that everyone is having a good time. I don't think there's anyone better at making you feel welcome, wherever you are, especially at her home (which was good because we were at her home quite a bit growing up). The ultimate hostess.

Also, I really appreciate Joyce because she brings out the adventurous spirit in my mother, something her sticks-in-the-mud husband & son could never do. Happy Birthday, Joyce.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

A Minor Place-Bonnie "Prince" Billy, I See a Darkness

Desolation Row-Bob Dylan, Brixton 2005

Notes on Air-Alejandro Escovedo, The Boxing Mirror

Feelin' Alright-Joe Cocker

Something-Bob Dylan, NYC 2002 (song by George Harrison)

Unfortunately, this clip omits the short little speech Bob makes about George, who'd passed away a month earlier, but it's a great performance none the less.

Happy Thursday, friends...



Heidi said...

I whole heartedly agree with all of your sentiments Andy. I remember that party. Somewhere I know mom has pictures of it, she'll have to get on the ball and post them! Meanwhile... I am pretty sure I have a picture of Pastor Bug, I'll have to post it... sorry :)

Mary Tommelein said...

Andy, I remember your cute Halloween outfits and you coming to Oma's all dressed up. Wanted to let you know Matt's girlfriend gave him a Bob Dylan record for his birthday. Yes I said record he is an old style guy!

Lots of love to the former Pastor Bug
Aunt Mary

Pam said...

I remember that party. Heidi was the statue of Liberty and Paul Westphal was her "love". There were rumors of her first kiss!? I don't remember who your friend was at the party? Care to mention a name! True, true, true--all is true about Joyce!

andrew said...

Mary, which one? An actual LP? I'll pick one up for him the next time I'm at the record store.

Amanda said...

What a good story about Aunt Joyce. Thanks, Andy.

Joyce said...

How kind and remarkable is your memory. I too have photos of Pastor Bug, never too be forgotten, not even by myself. Have you seen the Halloween children's book by Jerry Seinfeld? He too longed for a store bought costume.

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