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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Did They Know He was the Son of God, Did They Know that He was Lord?

Palm Sunday got me thinking about how much faith the disciples must've had in the days when Jesus walked the earth. To put it in perspective, think about any crazy cult that's popped up in any of our lifetimes, & how people always dismiss them, for good reason. This must be the same thing people in Jesus' day thought about Him. He was laughed at, called crazy, & eventually killed for the things He said & did. Now, don't think I'm comparing Christianity to some fly by night cult, I'm just saying that the same stigma was probably attached to Christianity in those days. I think as Christians sometimes we have it a bit too easy. Being called a Christian is very much a norm in our society, so much so that often we take for granted our freedom to express our beliefs freely. I guess it's what we do with our beliefs that makes a difference. As I often tell my friend who isn't a Christian, it's very easy to scientifically discount the story of the resurrection. There's no scientific basis for someone rising from the dead. Isn't that what faith is all about, believing the unbelievable?

In other news, Christie, Kelly & I went to see Reign Over Me last night. It was pretty good, not great, entertaining if nothing else. Everybody talks about how much a difference it is for Adam Sandler to be playing a serious role, however, I almost think he plays a similar character to many others he's played in the past, except this time it's in a serious script.

I also think that he was made to look like another famous character.

For all you Three Stooges fans out there, check this out. This is the funniest thing I've seen in ages.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Charm of the Radio-Kevin Davis

The Way-Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Masters & Everyone

Freedom Hangs Like Heaven-Iron & Wine, Woman King

Summer Days-Bob Dylan, Love & Theft

A Hit-Smog, Accumulation: None

Happy Sunday, friends!



Pam said...

I often wonder the same thing about the disciples. If I were living then, would I have believed? Or would I have gone with the establishment? I just praise God, that by His grace, I live on this side of the Cross and the Resurrection!

Pam said...

What's the "this" about the 3 stooges?? It's not showing up on your blog?

Pam said...

Oh, okay--I just tried clicking on "this" and now I see it-- I'll show your dad! It IS pretty funny!

Christie said...

I would agree we do have it easy as Christians in America. I cant imagine what it would be like in other parts of the world where people are often killed and persecuted for worshiping Jesus. I could live with people thinking Im crazy, but I cant imagine living with the fear of being persecuted for what I believed in. Good blog :)

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