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Sunday, April 29, 2007

I'll Make the Most of One Last Extra Hour...

Here's a trivia question for any native Detroiters who might be reading this blog. Which Detroit author had a Sports Radio program on Sunday evenings on WJR? The answer will be found at the end of the blog.

Anyway, I used to listen to this show every Sunday night from the ages of 10-13 (or so) when I lived in Waltz. It was a perfect end to the weekend, & I savored the last moments as I listened to the show when it was past my bedtime. When the Tigers were playing on Sunday nights, it was a suitable replacement.

Sunday night blogging (complete with a glass of Merlot) as an adult is also a suitable replacement. It was a busy three day weekend, yes that's right, a three day weekend. It started thankfully with a canceled golf league night on Thursday that resulted in Christie's treat at a nice restaurant we hadn't been to before called "Tony's Bistro". It was a bit fancy for my taste but it was good, none the less. Friday morning, I slept in 'til 7, & then proceeded to try for an hour to get tickets to the Bob Dylan concert in Interlochen. After an hour of hitting redial on the phone & refresh on the computer I finally got through on the computer to get two tickets, not great seats, but I'm sure there aren't many bad seats in such a small place. I found out a couple hours later that the show was sold out, so I was happy to get what I got.

Later Friday, I started to peel back the failing drywall & paint around my shower, which of course forced me to fix it. When Mike came over to go out to lunch, he took a look at it & we decided we could re-mud it in a few hours. We got it fixed. Now, I have the decision of whether I should keep the color the same or change it. I'm conflicted on this for several reasons. On the one hand, I have to repaint a couple walls anyway, so why not take the opportunity to try out a new color. On the other hand, repainting the whole thing would be quite a bit more work & I'm quite proud of my original color choice. Christie votes for changing it, but we'll see.

Saturday morning Christie & Heidi had a happy scrapbooker meeting, so I dropped Christie off to go with my sister while I went to my parent's house to hang out with Mom, Dad & Lucy. It was fun.

My old man & I bonded in a way that Schroeder men have for generations (well a couple, at least), by cutting grass. I forgot how much I love to mow grass. Like painting, there's instant gratification in knowing that your work is showing a noticeable difference. Later, I did some painting, too.

Today, Christie & I went to church with her parents & then we had a get together at Christie's grandparents house. A quick trip to the mall, a game of tennis, a trip to Butch's Beach Burritos (a delectable Sunday evening treat) & here I am.

My goals for the upcoming week? To get the bathroom painted, to finally do some caching, get a problem resolved at work, sell a little paint, work not much more than 48 hours & to realize that I can't make everybody happy. Here's hoping you can't meet your goals, too.

The answer to the trivia question is Mitch Albom. This radio show predated the afternoon show he had on WJR. If ever there was a knock on Mitch Albom is that he tried to do a bit too much, what with the columns, the books, the piano & the radio shows.

Five Favorite Songs of the Day

Five Hearts Breaking-Alejandro Escovedo, Gravity

To Live is to Fly-Townes Van Zandt

What a beautiful little song, by one of my favorite songwriters.

Ain't Talkin'-Bob Dylan, Amsterdam, 2007

All Tomorrow's Parties-Iron & Wine (song by the Velvet Underground)

Wild Horses-Iron & Wine (song by the Rolling Stones)

Happy Sunday evening, friends...



Pam said...

I'm glad we got to be part of your three day weekend! Loved it!

Christie said...

No one can make everyone happy (nor should we try), but you sure do a great job making me happy :) My goal of the week... to use the birthday present you got me!!

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